What device do I need?

I am needing a device that can be controlled by a networked PC that will activate a 120vac relay. I can use a DC relay to do that if need be.

Very simple. I will need to turn the relay on and off.

The device can connect to the PC via USB, WIFI, ENET, RS232. Whatever is the easiest to interface with.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi Tom,

I would recommend this controller:

You can order this board with USB, Ethernet, RS 232, or WiFi communication interface.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you Tom,
Travis Elliott

Thanks Travis.
I’ll take a look.

I just took a look at the video for this product.
It references the base station software to use to control the relay.

We have a proprietary application that will control the decision to activate the relay.
I am trying to understand how our applicaion can communicate this decision to the controller device. Do we need to have the application communicate with the base station software to activate the relay?
Should we try to send the commands through the USB (serial protocol) from the proprietary application?



You can send commands to the board from your own software. You do not have to use Base Station, that’s just our free test/utility software.

So for WiFi or Ethernet interface you would simply connect a TCP socket to the board’s IP address over port 2101, then you would send the relay control commands over that connection.
For any other communication protocol(USB, Serial,etc) you connect to the board over a Serial/COM port at 115200 baud and send the commands that way.

The relay control commands are all documented in this guide:

In your software just create byte arrays with the command and send it over the TCP or COM connection.

If you have any questions on this please let me know.
Thank you,
Travis Elliott

I get it. Thank you so much.
i will share this with my colleagues.