Web - i port forwarding

How to communicate 32 relay board (Web I) module over internet ,
need step to connect through internet with port forwarding to signalswitch

I recommend creating a port forwarding rule on the router the controller is connected to with an external/incomming port number of 8080 and an internal/map to port number of 80. The IP address in the port forwarding setting should be set to the controller’s IP on the network and the protocol should be set to TCP. If you do that then you should be able to remotely connect to the board by opening a web browser and entering link.signalswitch.com/macaddress. Replace macaddress there with the Mac address printed on top of your web-i module with no colons like 0080A3010203

If you have any questions on this please let me know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

My Router Screen :

My Web i Panel Screen :

What i got result

Please see above step in screenshot
does not work with port forwarding please replay soon as possible i am stuck in this issue for long time

Thank you for your reply


What is the Mac address of the WEB-i module(it’s printed on top of the Ethernet module)?

was all above steps were correct?

Your port forwarding rule does not appear to specify an internal port number. Some router’s do not support this feature in port forwarding setup. Essentially what needs to happen is when the router sees an incoming connection on port 8080 it needs to route that connection to the Web-i controller’s IP address over port 80. The reason for this is that most router’s serve their web interface over port 80 so that port is consumed by the router. I would contact the router manufacturer and see if they have any support for mapping the connection to a different port when it comes in on port 8080.

If you tell me the MAC address of the controller I can determine whether or not it is communicating to our link.signalswitch server which allows for simple remote internet connection without the need for a static IP address provided by your ISP.

My Mac Address : 0080a3c4f3dd

It appears the device is not reporting to our server. Many times this is just a DNS issue. Open the web interface to the board, go to the Configuration menu and scroll down to the Remote Server Configuration settings. Replace link.signalswitch.com with Let me know once you have done that and I will check to see if the board is reporting to our server.

HI Travis

I did all step those you suggested but still not work or access board over internet

here are my screen shot :

Relay Web I Config :

Router Port forwarding Setting ;

Please help me about this issue, i am stuck in this for long time

thank you for response

Your controller is reporting to our server. Are you trying to remotely access the controller’s web interface or are you trying to remotely connect to the board using software like our free Android and iOS apps?

yes, i am trying to access controller’s web interface remotely
but i could not able to connect

The Web-i module like all other common web interface devices displays it’s web interface over port 80. The problem is your router more than likely also displays a web interface over port 80. When you make a remote internet connection to a device the first device to receive the connection is the network router. If it sees an incoming connection on port 80 then it will think the intended connection is to itself and it will consume the connection. Common practice is to use port mapping configuration on the router. What this does is it tells the router if it sees an incoming connection on a port, such as 8080, to route that connection to the IP address of one of it’s connected clients on port 80. Not all routers support this, you will need to discuss this with your router’s manufacturer. Most home use routers do not expect you to serve a remotely accessible web interface so not all support it.

You need a port forwarding rule setup with an external/remote port of 8080 and an internal/map to port of 80. If your router does not support that then you will need a different router.


I just get my new package with the new [Ethernet to Serial Communications Module Gen 3]

after setting the IP and the baud rate.
I did start testing one of my APP ( I have 4 APPs and a cloud platform developed under web-i all work okay with web-I estimation cost $20 000).

I’m getting this picture and my APP became useless I have to reloaded, switch back to the web-I perfect, I don’t yet test those one link to the cloud afraid to mix-up all my dashboard

What to do now? How to make it much with the web-i

I’m sure my IP setting is ok

And I did change the baud rate to 57600, even try with 115200

I don’t have $20.000 to restart

And expect to put my system on the market next month.