Web-i Login - Failed

Trying to configure XPort device. It’s pulled an IP. When I go to a web browser and type in the IP, im prompted with a username and password. I use the phone provided in the document and it fails.

U: webi
P: 1234

I’ve tried using on both a Windows and Linux machine.


-Matt Kissel

same issue here, with a FR430 and also with a FR15. Help please!

The Web-i shouldn’t request a username and password unless one was set through the web interface.

If the device is a standard XPort the default username and password is blank in both places.

Both ethernet modules look similar, the only difference being one says XPort and one says XPort Pro (Web-i).

Is this an issue that just showed up or are these long standing boards?

I’m not sure why it asks for user and password however, leaving them both blank works. Case closed.