Water District Flow Meter Network

We are helping a local water district build a network of flow meters. The area is mostly line of sight and the longest run would be a little over three miles. Some places don’t have power available, so battery power would be nice. If need be we could secure some solar options.
I was looking at your wireless 4-20mA current receivers and your wireless pulse/frequency meters. I was thinking the pulse meter would have less power draw for better battery life, but noticed that the current meter had already been set up for use with flow meters.
We are not opposed to cell options, but are trying to keep subscription and maintenance costs down.
We have limited programming background, so we would probably be interested in having some help on the software end.
Just curious if you have had any similar customers and have a plug and play option ready to go.

Also, side project. Do you have a wireless product that would take a 4-20mA input and transmit it to a receiver that would output the same 4-20mA signal?

The 4-20mA will be an ideal choice if your water meter meter provides 4-20mA output.
You can testout using these two products

the modem will connect to a PC and you will be able to read 4-20mA using the UI software which can be find under the resources section on the product page.

we just finished testing of 4-20mA input output mirror products and should be available for purchase in couple of weeks.


In the description of the Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver it states NOTE: This 4-20mA Current Receiver Does Not Provide Current Loop Power Supply. What kind of power source do I need to provide? I guess this helps preserve the battery life of the radio, except I need an additional power source.

Exciting to hear about the 4-20mA mirror product coming soon!

Thank you

there are two kinds of 4-20mA signals your meter can output

  1. Active – it means it will provide the 4-20mA and will have an external power input as well. sometime it also referred as 3 wire.
  2. Passive – there will not be any external power source and the 4-20mA reader device will need to provide the power as well. often referred as 2 wire current loop.

Power supply depends on your meter. generally a 12V supply should work.

You can check two things to see what kind of signal your meter outputs

  1. measure the voltage on 4-20mA lines
  2. Does it have an option for an external supply

you can use the pulse meter as well.

Do you guys offer software building services?

we sure do.
You can learn more about custom services over here

I would like to add that if you are referring to custom Software/User interfaces then yes we develop those for the customers that require a custom solution.