Vibration sensor unresponsive

I have an “IoT Long Range Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor” communicating with my device via the 900HP-S3B long range wireless mesh modem with USB interface.

I was running the sensor from the 2 AA batteries without issues. I purchased a 12VDC supply and switched the slider to external power in the sensor. After that I completely lost connection to the sensor, I cannot get any data. I switched back to battery power but I still cannot get any data. In either case (external or battery power), when I press the configuration button I see the red LED light up, so at least some part of the sensor is getting power.

I tried to reset to factory settings but I still cannot get any data back. Steps to reset I followed are this: 1) press config button, 2) press reset button for a second or so, release reset button, 3) keep pressing config button for more than 15 seconds, then release config button. I also tried pressing reset, then pressing the config button, keep it pressed while I released the reset button, and kept holding the config button for more than 15 seconds.

Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions or any way to get the sensor to work again?

Thank you,

Pablo Acosta

I should add I verified that the external supply is giving 12VDC, and the internal connector is the positive and the outer connector is ground.

Hi Pablo,
Can you verify the voltage across pin 1 and 10 of xbee?


Pin 1 has 3.3V, pin 10 is ground, both with the 12V supply, and the AA batteries. Just so that we are on the same page, pin 1 is the top pin on the left most column of pins in the attached photo, and pin 10 is the bottom pin on the same column.

I will recommend sending out for an RMA

my best guess – the MCU might be damaged… during this time of the years it happens due to static.

can you try this

  1. remove the wireless module from the sensor and install into the USB modem and then use xctu to upload sensor profile in it
    How To Upload Profile in Digmesh Radio - at master · ncdcommunity/ · GitHub

Make sure you only upload the sensor profile.
2. install the radio module back into sensor and retest

That worked! The sensor is back working now. Thanks for your help!