Vibration sensor doesn't change to ope_mode =2, stay in mode =0 (processed)

When configure in Node-Red the sensor to work as Processed + raw on demand mode, I deployed, it went to the configuration steps, but the oper mode stays 0, never changed. I reset it after finished configuration, just in case.

We are trying to read the waveform (raw data) based on demand. I already assembly the frame to send the request command but I am using the operation mode = 2, as a condition for sending the request command once it received the data, but it never get the chance because the operation mode never changed.

After for testing I changed to raw mode, and it doesn’t follow that either, always stay in mode 0.

Please could you help us to read waveform, this is the only missing part to complete the NCD driver for SORBA (

What I am doing wrong?

if it’s still coming up as mode o it means the config did not go though. once config is done it will print “true” for al the settings which went thought. can you confirm that?

I tried 3-4 times more and now took it, I did same steps as before, changing also the Node ID for checking.

I couldn’t find where ‘true’ are displayed.

Thanks Anil