Using UXP: Commands to address secondary board that is daisy chained via UXP port?


If I want to respectively turn on or off the 2nd relay in bank one on a 32 relay board, the commands might look like this:

AA 03 FE 6D 01 19 //turn on relay

AA 03 FE 65 01 11 //turn off relay

But, if I have another 32 relay board chained via the UXP, then what do the commands look like to access the the 2nd relay on bank one of the chained board?

Do they look like this?

AB 03 FE 6D 01 19 //turn on relay

AB 03 FE 65 01 11 //turn off relay

Kindly and Thanks


The relay controller will simply treat relays added via the XR Expansion port as additional on-board relays (in terms of the command set).

So the command for relay one in bank 1 is:
AA 03 FE 6C 01 18

The command to turn on Relay 1 in bank 5 (the first bank of the XR board is:
AA 03 FE 6C 05 1C

Turning the first relay off in bank 5 would be:
AA 03 FE 64 05 14

The important byte here is the fifth byte which indicates the target bank.

THANK YOU @jacob, so grateful for this community!! :slight_smile: