Using NCD Products with Ignition Scada


I’m saying I would rather use Modbus to import the sensor data into my SCADA program than just TCP in the future. I guess I’m asking if I buy the ethernet gateway, can it be updated to output Modbus protocol instead of buying more hardware. I’m assuming that the protocol between sensor and gateway would remain the same. thanks


The Wireless Gateway is specifically a Xbee (Wireless) to Ethernet Gateway. What you are referring to would probably be a separate product. However, @bhaskar would be in a better a position to comment on it.


Gotcha, I guess for Modbus output I could use the same sensors but would have to have a different gateway to convert and output the data packets as Modbus protocol. So if I’m thinking about this correctly, nothing would really change regarding the sensors, just the gateway unit.


Yes you got it right.