Using 12v lighter plug to power an NCD relay board

Hi there,
I was wondering what were the 12VDC requirements for this relay board:

I wanted to plug it in a car and I read that the 12v in a car can range from 5 or 6v to 40v peaks sometimes (when the car is starting, battery charging, etc).

Would the regulator on this board be able to handle this or I would need to get a regulated lighter plug?

Thanks guys!

Hi Gustavo,

That board should be perfectly fine for automotive applications. The relay on the board is the most voltage sensitive component. It is a 12VDC coil relay and is powered directly from the supplied voltage(not regulator). It has a drop out voltage of 9VDC so if you drop below that the relay contacts may open. That said I have seen boards with these relays installed in thousands of automotive applications so you should not have any trouble.

Take care Gustavo,

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