USB to Serial Modem does not respond

I just received a system with a USB to serial modem and the modem never replys to any message sent from either N-Button or Alpha Station.

You will need base station. relays boards mostly work with base station.

I installed a serial port monitor and I see data being sent to the modem but the modem never replies.

I will recommend starting with base station.
Make sure both relay board wireless module and modem has antenna
the default baudrate is 115200.

I am getting the error message that the controller did not respond to the baud rate. Yes it is set to 115.2K the default value and the relay board is powered one with an antenna.

I turned on my serial port monitor and I see data packets sent to the modem but the modem never responds.

I am running on Windows 10

I did swap the Xbee board between the modem and the relay board with the same results.

Base station exited with the error message " No Communications with device. Exiting program"

lets switch back the module where they were.

  1. install xctu
  2. connect the modem to the pc and open the modem
  3. share a screen shot of modem settings

I already returned the modems back to their original locations. I have 2 PCs. One Windows 7 and one Windows 10. I am chatting on the Window 7 machine where I want to run this software I am downloading. If I need to run this on the Window 10 machine I can switch. I tried Base Station on both the Win 7 and Win 10 with the same results. Download almost finished.

I installed on my Win 10 machine and it did find the modem and it is updating the firmware to version 2006

The application that I just installed talks to the USB modem but I could not see how to discover the relay board. I then went back to Base Station and with that application the USB modem does not respond.

xctu is used to set module setting. it WILL not talk to relay board.

can you share screen shot of the module settings.

just checked the order notes. looks like the board and module were shipped at two different time. we just want to make sure they have correct settings.
edit : modules had mismatched settings