USB to IC2 Converter works with Apple?

in the description of the USB to I2C device (PR33-17):
“Plug in our USB to I2C converter into any available USB port on your PC and it mounts as a COM port, start sending commands at 115.2K Baud.” My “PC” is an iMac. So I downloaded the virtual COM port driver for MacOS10.9 from: After a reboot the connected devices (PR33-17 & AS1115) are not recognized by the operating system. Under the AS1115 compatibility only Windows is mentioned. I could not find a compatibility explanation for PR33-17. Therefore I assumed that the Apple system will work.
My question: “Plug in our USB to I2C converter into any available USB port on your PC and…” means: ONLY Windows computer ?
The goal of my exercise is to use Python3 to control an AS1115 from my iMac. Is this possible with the PR33-17?

All of our resource for the USB to I2C converter are for a Windows PC (more specifically, Visual Studio on Windows), though I believe we have some Node-Red resources as well. We do not have any Mac specific resources for USB to I2C conversion. If you can get the FTDI drivers to mount as a COM port then yes, it will definitely work. I strongly advise a Windows PC for learning, it will make migration to Python and Mac much easier. The communications protocol is very easy once you have a Virtual COM port established. Hope this helps.