USB to I2C ... need to access Addr 3F hex, Alpha Station limits to 2F hex


This is my very first try with a NCD product, the USB to I2C Converter, I am very familiar with I2C. I have a 4x20 display that uses a PCF8574AT based board for the I2C interface. The address range for the board is (apparently) 38h to 3Fh. The alpha station software only allows addresses up to 27h for the PCF8574 device. How can I get this addressing solved with keeping my same hardware?


Update: I see now in the controller source for the 2004 LCD that the range is 20h-27h. I can change the source, is it possible to recompile so it updates the executable?

Final Update: I downloaded MS Visual Studio, edited the appropriate controller, then built the Solution. Problem solved.

Hi Thomas, glad to hear you were able to get it working.
Please let us know if you have more questions.