USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS

i have a 24-Channel DPDT Signal Relay Shield + 8 GPIO with IoT Interface and a USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS.
i try to use Mobaxterm for serial communication to control the relais but nothing appear on my screen juste a black screen; i try with ubuntu screen /dev/ttyUSB0 and i have the same result.
it’s possible to use Mobaxterm or linux command line with this device (USB to I2C Converter)?
thanks for help

Any application capable of opening a Serial interface port and writing Hex or Decimal formatted byte arrays can be used to communicate with the USB to I2C converter. I recommend reviewing the command set outlined in this guide:

Hello Travis
I have the two Ethernet to I2C Converter modules which work well and the USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS whose behavior is not stable:

  • With AnyI2C: the adapter tells me that the port is open but no communication can be established.

And on the I2C device scan, no device detected:

With NCBase
i have no device detected.

on ubuntu with this command: mdiawara@ubuntu:~$ screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
i have juste this:

and can not enter any command after that

Your help is greatly appreciated
thanks for help

Please provide photos of the complete hardware setup.

Computer system:

device on the computer


The USB to Serial adapter should appear under COM and LPT ports in your device manager. If it does not then you need to install this driver:

Hello TravisE
I have already installed the driver and I see the communication port (COM10)
The problem is that neither ANYI2C nor NCD Base sees the device, so no communication.

For now i force COM10 to COM3 (USB serial port) and the ANYI2C work.