Urgent: Connect MegaModem MQTT to Ubidots

We have been trying for several days to connect our MegaModem to Ubidots to display our variables from our industrial sensors. We are attempting to move over to NCD from another sensor system that used an Automation Direct STRIDE MQTT Gateway to connect to Ubidots.

We are supposed to deploy the system on Sunday morning, and cannot get the system to connect.

Here are the settings we are using:

Host: industrial.api.ubidots.com
Host Port: 1883
Client ID: RandomName
Username: [Our Default Token]
Password: [Blank]
Subscribe Topic: /v1.6/devices/trailer-2/test1
Publish Topic: /v1.6/devices/trailer-2/test1

Please let us know how to connect this as soon as possible.

Hello @gimbelgroup,

A couple of things to consider before coming into the troubleshooting.

The Publish Topic usually only contains the Device label and then the variable you want to send data to goes within the Payload itself.

That is, the Publish topic would be: /v1.6/devices/trailer-2
And the payload could be: {"test1": 45}

The Subscribe topic, as per Ubidot’s Documentation should go as:

If you still aren’t able to establish a connection and send/receive data to/from Ubidots via MQTT, then it could be something within the configuration of the Gateway itself.

Could you please try that out and let me know if you are able to connect the Gateway to Ubidots? If not, please share any information you think that might help with the troubleshooting such as the Gateway’s settings.

Best regards,