Unexpected Output from AC Voltage Monitor

I just received my PEVMAC2C ac voltage monitor. Using the github python code ‘voltage.py’ by bhaskar-anil429 I get the following output:

Type of Sensor : 5
Maximum Current : 240 A
No. of Channels : 2
Channel no : 1
volt Value : 119.876 A
Channel no : 2
volt Value : 120.684 A

Looks reasonable, running the script again (about 10 seconds later) I get :

Type of Sensor : 5
Maximum Current : 112 A
No. of Channels : 130
Channel no : 1
volt Value : 119.940 A
Channel no : 2
volt Value : 121.493 A

The second (third, forth, fifth, …) time the script is executed the Maximum Current is always 112 A and No. of Channels is always 130. (I understand that ‘A’ should really be ‘V’. ‘voltage.py’ appears to be a modification of the code for the current monitors that never got fully amended.)

I have the PECMAC2100A current sensor that uses very similar code and it has worked flawlessly. Any ideas what’s happening to the voltage monitor that I’m getting 130 channels?

these values are picked from the controller eeprom.
could you try rebooting the board and see if you still get the wrong results.


I disconnected power to the board and restarted. I get the same results, except for the first run, the results are 112(MC) and 130(NOC). Ultimately, it won’t affect how I plan on using the sensor, but I thought it was worth noting. Looks like both values changed by 128.