Unexpected Behaviour

I have a Fusion 8-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with 16 GPIO or ADC and I2C with ethernet and RS232 modules, and when I send API commands to the board it does not turn the relays on and off as expected or reported by the controller. I think it could have been damaged while being moved around, but the board appears to be fine. I was hoping someone would have a good suggestion that I could try.

Are you using Base Station for testing by any chance for testing? https://ncd.io/start

Yes, I am using NCD Base for testing, but I have also tried Com Operator in API mode as well as my own program.

Fusion has an Automatic and Manual refresh modes. Please make sure it is set to Automatic. If not, relays will not change state until a manual refresh command is sent.

This did not work either. I turn on relay 1 and it will turn on, but when I go to turn on relay 2 all of the relay turn on except for relay 1.

Did this happen when using Base Station or were you sending your own commands? If you were using Base Station, we will need to replicate the problem here, so we will need exact steps of buttons you clicked to replicate the problem.

This happens no matter what software I’m using. With NCD Base I connect over IP (though RS232 has the same result). Then I open the ProXR Advanced Relay Control Command Set and turn relay 1 on. Relay 1 did not turn on, but when I turn on relay 2 all the relays turn on except 1. Turning off relays 1 and 2 have no effect.

This would not have passed our testing procedures prior to shipment, there has be something we are missing. When did this problem start? If there is anything connected to the relays, please disconnect all relays and retry base station.

This is not a new board. It worked correctly before it got passed off to me, but it sat around the office for a while and has followed me around while we have been out of the office for COVID.

In Base Station, there may be some options for resetting back to factory default settings. I would definitely start there, it has been a while since I have completed this operation, so I’m sorry I cannot give specifics at this time, but please let me know if you can reset the board. It sounds like a setting of some kind is corrupt.

I don’t see a way to reset to a default config in Base Station.

It will probably need to come to us for validation, you can submit an RMA here: