Unable to load web page of XPortPro Lantronix

Unable to load web page of XPortPro Lantronix, and unable to ping it even after it grabs an IP from DHCP. All I can do is just ping to their IP.

Does it give you an error message when you try to connect to the IP address using a web browser?

Can you access sub-pages like http://ipaddress/ProXR/DeviceConfiguration.html?

Yes Jacob, I can get to most of them using this link, but unable to save any changes that I do. Is there a fix for this issue that I can apply?

Can you try going to: http://deviceipaddress/cgi-bin/resetEtc.sh and then after the reboot go to the device configuration page to try and set the Default Home page again?

Does it give you an error when it tries to save changes or does it just freeze?

When I hit this url, I see “Reset Etc folder” text on the page, I do not see the device reset or the DHCP obtained IP address drop at all. When I hit the http://deviceipaddress, I get “403 Forbidden, Your client does not have permissions to get URL/ from this server” and device is still unable to save static IP configuration.

Hi Tazmir,

You will need to go to http://ipaddress/ProXR/DeviceConfiguration.html and change the default home page after the resetEtc.sh visit.

This should override the current index.html file and grant access to the home page. Let me know if this throws any errors.

If this doesn’t fix the issue I would have to recommend an RMA: https://ncd.io/contact-us/product-returns/

Selecting a different home page did work, but device fails to take a static IP address. When a static IP address is given, device fails to communicate using that address. Once this happens, I am unable to switch it back to DHCP, device simply fails to respond and is lost. I will start the RMA process. Thanks for your help.