Unable to communicate

I have recently purchased an 8 port ProXR board to test with a control system and I have been unsuccessful and getting it to work. When using the Base station software, I am able to control all relays and get proper response back. When I use my third party controller using the same command, same IP, same port, same everything, I get nothing. If I try to send the command using port 80, I will get a response of about 50 numbers.

Is there something I am missing or need to do to make it communicate to a third party controller? I am using an MRX-15 TC processor.


You should send the command via a TCP socket connected to the controller’s IP address over port 2101. Data should be sent as Hexadecimal or Decimal formatted bytes. Many software applications send data as ASCII text so when you enter 254, 108, 1 for instance to be sent to the controller what you are actually sending is a 2 character, a 5 character, a 4 character, a comma character, etc. What you need to send is a 254 byte a 108 byte and a 1 byte so make sure you are sending the commands as bytes and not ASCII strings.

I have tried this as well as anything i can think of. I probably have 6+ hours into fighting this now. I have attached a picture to give you an idea of what im looking at. I have noticed in the software provided, there is a security configuration section and the software seems to be polling the hardware. Is there any level of security authentication it is waiting for or needs to be disabled?

Hi Keven,

That all looks correct. One thing to mention is the device only allows 1 TCP socket connection at a time so make sure you are not trying to send commands to the board while Base Station is connected to it.

One other thing you can do for a sanity check is use Comm Operator which is available inside Base Station, it is a terminal type application where you can manually connect to the board via TCP and manually enter bytes to send to the board. If you are able to control the board via Base Station and Comm Operator but not this 3rd party software then you may want to contact the developer of that software to see if they have any insights.