Unable to change settings of vibration sensors


We have just purchased 9 Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor V2 MEMS with external power supply (PR52-33N_PWR) for a pilot project. While configuring these sensors to meet our customer’s needs, I noticed a really weird behavior of the sensors.

The first time they are powered on (on batteries or 12VDC), the sensors work normally with the default settings. The Labview application as well as Alpha Station are able to read the sensors’ parameters.

However, if the sensor parameters are subsequently changed with the Labview application, neither the Labview application nor Alpha Station are able to read or change the sensor parameters afterwards. And this is true whether the sensors are powered by batteries or by external 12VDC power supply. It is as if the parameters are saved in a write once memory! Impossible to verify that the modification of the parameters is OK. Impossible also to remodify the parameters afterwards.

This is really problematic for us since we are about to order several dozen of these sensors to install them everywhere in our customer’s plant.

Your help will therefore be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Bert,
Power supply should not make any difference and there have been no firmware changes.

For the time being i will recommend using labview to setting up the sensors and doing initial testing.

Questions – can you view the sensors in run mode ?
what error do you get when you try to read or change the parameters ?


Hello Bhaskar,

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, the sensors are working in ‘RUN’ mode.
  2. I don’t get any error messages when I try to read or remodify the settings after the initial configuration. In fact, the Labview utility completes its parameter read loop normally but does not display anything in the area where the read parameters should be displayed. The fields remain empty.

If it helps you get a better idea of the problem, I think I’ve found a workaround that works most of the time, but not always. In the Labview utility :

  1. Do a factory reset of the sensor
  2. Modify and then read all the necessary parameters, one by one, except the nodeID. At the end of this step, all the parameters have been modified and checked, except the NodeID
  3. Finally, modify the NodeID
  4. Once the NodeID has been changed, it is no longer possible to re-read or remodify the parameters. The complete procedure must be started again from the factory reset step.

Thank you for your support.

did you change the node id ?
if you did , make sure node id value is same in config window as sensor node id. else it will not display any values there.

Hello Bhaskar,

OMG! I’m a bit ashamed to have forgotten that you have to change the ID in the software!

Everything works now.

Sorry to have bothered you with this

Thank you

no worries… let me know if you need anything else.