Type 82 Firmware to allow thermocouple, amps, when Vib disconnected

Trying to help our build guys get some Type 82 Predictive Maintenance Sensors shipped out, but with just the thermocouples attached if possible.

We don’t have dashboard development done yet for just raw thermocouples you guys offer, nor do we have any ordered.

Our build team just figured they could use a Type 82 Predictive without a Vib and amp clamp.

Without the Vib head attached, it throws the circular no sensor probe attached error.

On the Type 80 and Type 81 sensors, newer firmware allows the telemetry for the attached heads to still come through.

Is there similar firmware available for the Type 82 PM?

We tried to flash the PR55-61PM_V7 available here, but it seems like it flashes as a 61E maybe? The sensor couldnt be heard after flashing. We then flashed it to V5, and that made the sensor work again, but it gave the ‘No probe attached’ and doesnt show the thermocouple temp.

I’ve asked the guys to use an older type 50 we still have in stock, so this is not urgent or timely.

What’s the board name?
Is it PR66-61 or PR55-72?

PR55-61 REV.D is printed on the circuit board.

Adding Photo:

we will send a custom firmware that will convert this into a thermocouple and current sensor