Type 28 Three Channel AC Current Clamp (V1 V2 Differences)


We have several of the Type 28 Three Channel AC Current Clamps, some are the V1 variety, and some are the V2 Variety.

I am 99% sure we should just use V1 Clamps with V1 Units, and then V2 Clamps with V2 units.

Is this correct, or is there any overlap with using V1 clamps on V2 units or vice versa.

No need to go in depth explanation, if a ‘just use v2 on v2, v1 on v1’ is the answer.

Thank you!

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V1 Clamps must be used with V1 boxes and vice-versa. You cannot mix them or it will not work.

this is the answer
background –

  1. V1 board and V1 CT – There is a burden resistor on the board and no burden resistor in CT. Each CT type has its own burden resistor value. This means we have to build a unique board type for each CT type
  2. V2 board and V2 CT – no burden resistor on board and burden resistor in CT. This means we have to build only one kind of box and connect any CT range, and it will work

On your side, you can connect 200Amp V2 CT in a V2 box which was earlier used with 600Amp CT. The only thing you will need to do is change the calibration value.

Thank you guys. Just piggybacking on this since the topic already exists.

We have firmware for 100A, 200A and 600A verisons.

Does that firmware need to be applied to both V1 and V2 depending on the corresponding CT Clamps that are connected?

Put another way, when do we need to flash Amperage specific firmware, and onto v1 or v2 or both?

it can be done two ways

  1. flash the firmware for the CT range
  2. set the calibration value for that rage ( lets say the transmitter box was initially programmed for 600Amp but now you want to use it with 100Amp, you can set the calibration value to use it with 100Amp)
    if you need calibration for each range let me know and i can share

Yes please, if you could provide the calibration ranges for each set of CTs.

I think the intent is to be able to swap them around prior to shipping. Knowing the general range will be helpful for some rudimentary calibration.

I will work with @jacob to add this in node red. using node red you should be able to select the CT range and calibrate.