Two Channel Vibration Sensor Plus doesn't send data


Recently, we purchased a couple of vibration sensor devices. I could configure them without problems, but one of them doesn’t send data. Some observations I saw from STAT LED, was that it blinks once, and then blinks like 3 o 4 times, some seconds after blinks 3 o 4 times again. This doesn’t happen with the others that only blink once.

I’ve already made a soft reset, by pressing once reset and then hold for 20 seconds C push bottom.

There could be a radio communication issues.

do you have USB or ethernet modem ?

No I don’t, I configure the devices trough Edge computer gateway and Node-RED.

just for debug purpose… what happens when you swap working device radio module with non working device ?

I tried to do that and the same happens with the new radio module. If you want, I could send a video of how Led STAT Blinks.

that will be great… i can be reached at

I sent you the video by email