Two Chan. Vib. Plus V3 : Not connected with Edge computer/gateway


I have a Two Chan. Vib. Plus V3 sensor, but in node-red in the settings window for this wireless sensor the MAC-adress is not found.
I use the standard given “USB port” /dev/ttyS1/115000" but the connection to my Edge Computer is not established and clicking the magnifier glass at the MAC-adress field gives no respons of the MAC-Adress of my sensor.
What would be the best approach to solve this?

(If I’m correct, the Alpha Station software is not yet working with this sensor).


Leendert Vermeulen
The Netherlands

press reset on the sensor and then scan the mac address.

also can you share a screenshot of your flow


At the moment I’m not at the hardware, this evening I will try and send a screenshot (of my very simple flow as a start for setting up my chain after the RMA-action).
Does the LED have to blink at pressing the R-button?


after press/release reset the led will flash.