Trouble seeing wireless networks on azure gateway

I am able to connect to azure gateway and make it to the web page to configure the device.
I do not see any wireless networks (2.4 and 5 ghz on home network, and 2.4 ghz on cell hotspot).
Both wifi router devices were close to the gateway for testing.
What is required signal strength at the location of the gateway for proper performance?
Do I have something configured in azure gateway or wifi router that limits azure gateway connectivity?

Hi Alex,

The Gateway will only work with 2.4ghz wifi networks. Make sure those networks are broadcasting their SSID. You can also manually enter network SSIDs into the hidden network field if necessary. I have never seen one of these gateways not be able to scan for networks in the area that are broadcasting their SSID. Also I don’t believe the gateway would be defective out of the box as we do connect them to a wifi network and test them with our Azure account to make sure everything works prior to shipping them out.