TLR110_LAN Grounding Question

We are using the TLR110_LAN inside the 1591XXGFLBK box, and along with other equipment, attached to a backing plate, which is built into the inside of a Hammond RM2U1928SBK enclosure, which is then mounted into a 42U server rack. The project needs to be compliant with Motorola R56 for grounding and bonding. My questions is: Does the TLR110 itself need to be grounded and if so how do I do that? The backing plate will be bonded to the Hammond enclosure which is bonded to the rack and the rack to the building internal ground loop. It seems to me that the TLR110 is not bonded to the grounding system as is. Thanks in advance.

There is a GND screw terminal on the board which you can connect to the system/earth ground.

Hi Travis,
Could you be more specific? I’m not seeing any screw terminals that are labeled for ground and none of the mounting screw points have the contacts for it either. Thanks.