Time Activated relay programmation


I would like to know about the time activated relay if it is possible to set a new time to activate the relay each time it has been on.

I would like to use the time relay to switch a pc, after some taks the pc (which also command the relay with the usb port) will program the next time to switch on and then the pc will ask the time relay to switch off.

Is it possible to do that?



I am not sure I understand your question.

Do you want software running on the PC to turn the relay on for a specified duration?

Hi Travis,

I see that I am not very clear.
Let me try again.
In your documentation, there is a jumper for program mode or daily use.
And actually, in my daily use, I want to automatically reset the time to switch on and off
(without changing this jumper, by sending my command with a PC connected to a serial connection with the TAR) .

Is it clearer?



In the latest version release of our Taralist series controllers it is not necessary to move that on board jumper to the PGM position in order to program time events into it. You never have to move that jumper out of RUN mode. You can program the board with the jumper in RUN mode.

Is the Taralist series controllers a software on Windows to drive the board with relay?

I will use a Linux system, and will like to send command with a serial link (rs232), would it be possible?

Another question :slight_smile: How much power consumption is used by the board?

Thanks for your anwsers


Our time event configuration software which is used to load time activated relay events is based on the Windows platform. This means it would be required to develop custom software to run on Linux. I can provide source code for our Windows software if you like.

The board will draw approximately 100 mA at 12VDC with all relays off and an additional 30 mA at 12VDC for each energized relay.

Thanks for the power consumption.
I will appreciate to receive your source code, is there any documentation going with that ? (maybe I am asking too much) :slight_smile:
Do you want my email to send the source code?



Source code for our Base Station software can be downloaded here:

Sadly there is not extensive documentation on it. Hopefully the code comments will help. It was developed in Visual Studios and I believe is mainly C#/VB based(I did not write it).

Thanks a lot, I will look at it (c# is not my cup of tea).
Have a good day,

Me either honestly. I generally work with Python, C++, Java, etc. I really don’t do Windows application development much. If you have questions post here and I will bring the developers of the Base Station software into the conversation.

Based on a time activated relay board with one relay, and a serial link (RS232) for the communication:
The 2 main commands to know:

  • What is the command which set the time to switch on the relay?
  • What is the command which set the time to switch off the relay?

I mainly work with C and Python.

Thanks a lot,

@Shirui_Xu_Software_D or @Ryan
Can you explain how events are loaded into the Taralist series controllers? @penkerch is wanting to develop a C or Python based application to load events into the controller.

Our source code for Base Station sets the standard for how this is accomplished:
Please let me know if you have more questions.