Thermocouple tolerance

Hi All,

I am looking at the following sensor for a project in a lab:

The website states a temperature accuracy of +/- 2.2C for the thermocouples which won’t meet the requirements for our lab.

Most of our equipment operates with a critical tolerance of +/- 1.0C with some of the equipment having +/- 0.5C tolerance. This tolerance is to include the operation/variation within the incubators and fridges.

Therefore, the required accuracy of the temperature probes is +/- 0.1C, as per our current BS593 mercury thermometers.

The current Specview system uses PT100 probes, however we do experience issues with accuracy of this system, especially for incubators which run at more than one temperature, as the error/offset is not linear versus temperature.

PT100 probes are available which have been ‘trimmed’ to achieve greater linearity, as are PT1000 probes. Additionally, thermistor probes are reported as being more accurate than standard thermocouples.

Can anyone advise a sensor I could use with this project that will be accurate enough?


Hi Darren,
A thermocouple might not be best for your application.
I will recommend RTD as well. you can get this transmitter and connect any 3 wire PT100 RTD to it.