Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Hello Guys ,

I’m using a wireless ethernet modem (PR55-17B) and a Thermocouple (PR55-3) in order to monitor temperature on an oven. The issue that I have is that I’m trying to send the detected temperature to a plc and im not beeing able to send any data out of the alpha station can you give me any suggestions.


The Ethernet Modem is a very simple device. You establish a TCP socket to it over port 2101, it will stream data over that socket received from the sensors that transmit. That data from the sensors must then be parsed into real world data.

You may find it simpler to run Node-Red on a local computer or server to receive the data from the sensors. Node-Red can parse the data and then ingest the data into the PLC in a format it can understand.

The alternative here would be to have the PLC establish a direct connection to the Ethernet Modem but it would then need to run a script to parse the data.

We have a getting started video on Node-Red here:

Thanks for the info, Travis,
but im not able to install ncd wireless this is what I’m getting

install ncd red-wireless-2