Thermistors on PROXR

Hello all,

I’ve purchased a ZADR45PROXR_PLUGGABLE plus three thermistors (317-1406, 495-2171, 495-2172) as well as N-Button Pro for a demo.

Everything seems to work well except that the temperature drops when I am heating the thermistors (drops from 122 to 110 and so on). This happens with all three thermistors so I assume I am missing a simple setting somewhere.

Could you please advise.

Thank you,



N Button is actually a software application from a 3rd party developer. Please contact and they should be able to provide support.

Hi Travis,

Thank you for the reply, when using NCD Base to read the values of ADC1, ADC2 and ADC7 I see the same behavior.

For example the reads prior to applying heat are: (123 2.4117V), (122 2.3921V), (122 2.3921V).

After applying heat on the thermistors they change to: (119 2.3333V), (110 2.1568V), (113 2.2156V).

Shouldn’t the value/voltage go up when heat is applied? That was my understanding but I might be way off. The datasheet for 317-1406 mentions it is an NTC thermistor, the other 2 don’t have datasheets.

I will also contact N-Button support to see if I can flip this behavior on their tool.

Thank you,