Temperature sensor

I’m using the Industrial High-Power Relay Controller 8-Channel + UXP Expansion Port. I know there is a built in temperature sensor MC9701A we can use via the NCD library. Is the value 97.405 C temperature of the board or temperature of the environment and is that a correct reading? Also should I assume that I don’t need to use any of the formulas to calculate temperature from the data sheet ?

Is this the board you have:

If so that board does not have a 9701 temperature sensor on it. It’s sister product here however does:

Oh ok so I actually have the sister product. So is the value I’m reading temperature of the board itself? If so what temperature value should I be getting (assuming no relays are turned on I just power the board).

So in order to read the sensor on that board you have to actually connect the temp sensor to one of the A/D inputs. Then you can read the A/D input it is connected to. This photo shows where you would connect a wire to read that temperature sensor by reading A/D input 1:

Once you have that jumper wire connected you can read the temperature sensor by reading that A/D input.

If you have any questions on this please let me know.