Temperature sensor recommended for sauna or steam room

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if you had any recommendations on the sensors you offer for a temperature sensor like this PT100?
It’s for a sauna and or steam room control, while there is no need for it to be waterproof it will have to face high heat and lots of moisture (vapor).
range: from 0 to 100 degrees celsius.
To be used with a Particle Photon and your 4 relays board with i2c.

I’ve used this Thermocouple as a “Control” in a project that predicts condensation conditions on a concrete slab surface. It usually agreed with Air Temperature measurements (1"-2" above the slab) within 1 degree F. I actually use the IoT version, but I believe Bhaskar said it’s the same sensor.

Thanks Ryan.
I’d gladly use that one, but the accuracy didn’t look too good versus the PT100:

  • Accuracy of ±2.2°C

Thanks for the suggestion!