Temperature calibration on XBee devices

I have two 900MHz wireless mesh XBee-Pro communications modules (XBP9B-DMST-002) and (XBP9B-DMUT-002). See order number 489035. One is on an XBee-to-Ethernet modem and the other is on a ProXR 1-channel relay.

Both XBee modules provide a temperature reading (I’m guessing on the XBee itself). When I deployed these in the field, the temperatures shot up to around 45-50 deg. C. (150degF). I just don’t believe this as the ambient temperature is around 80degF. When I had the devices in the shop for testing, the temperatures seemed reasonable. The specs for the XBee say it will work up to 80degC.

Today, when one of the XBee on the relay was reading 150degF, I touched it and it was barely warm. Its enclosure was open to the ambient air. Reading the temperature is interesting, but not critical to my operation, however, I’m wondering if this is “normal” or is there any way to calibrate the temperature?



To be honest I have never requested the temperature reading from one of these modules so I know very little about it other than the documentation provided by Digi(the manufacturer of the module). I would recommend reaching out to their technical support to see if they can provide insight as to the accuracy or calibration of the built in temperature sensor on the module. With the built in regulators and metal pan on the module I would not think the sensor could accurately monitor ambient temperature and would be better suited to monitoring the surface temperature of the module as an indicator for malfunction of the module.

FYI, I contacted Digi Support and here is there reply:

The TP command reports the internal temperature of the module only. You may need to a cooling fan to your device to help circulate the air and keep the module cooler.

Eric Flanders
Digi RF Technical Support