Temp/Humidity Not sending data to MQTT

I am able to configure the AWS Temp/Humidity sensor and it seems as if I am receiving messages but when I subscribe to the topic that I’ve defined it doesn’t seem to be sending any messages.

Any help you could offer in this would be greatly appreciated.


What do you have the topic set to on the sensor?

Are you sure you are subscribing on the correct AWS Region?

Hello TravisE_NCD_Technica,
Thank you for your response. These images are what I have configured on the sensor and what I have on AWS.

Is there any other information that I can provide to get some more troubleshooting? I see metrics from the IOT interface showing that it is connecting.

Hi James,

Can you send a screen shot of your entire browser window where you are attempting to subscribe to the topic for the device? It looks like you only snipped part of the window, I need to see the entire screen.