Taralist - How to set event to override on certain day?

The scheduler lets you set “Happen on specific day, year, month, etc,”…

How will this perform if I have something like this:

Every Monday - Relay on @ 5:00 AM

Monday the 24th of August - Relay on @ 6:00 AM

Please tell me there’s some way to make the specific date event override the recurring one…

There is an event to place the relay under control of “computer”. I would add that event just prior to 5 am August 24th. Then create an event at 6:00 AM August 24th that places the relay under Taralist control, since Taralist tried to turn the relay on at 5 am that day it will turn on as soon as control is placed back to Taralist.

This for a short bell schedule, so I actually need to be able to make this overridden schedule happen multiple times a day.

For example:

Normal schedule:
Monday - 8:10 AM, 9:10 AM, 9:15 AM, 9:55 AM, 10:00 AM bell runs.
Special Monday - 8:10 AM, 9:30 AM, 9:45 AM, 10:45 AM

If I turn on computer control at 8:11 AM (since my 8:10 already ran) and then turn off comp control at 9:25 AM is it going to flip the relay no matter what or can the behavior be that the relay stays in whatever state it currently is when control is changed over?

That way I could just segment out the times I want to cancel.



When control is turned over to computer the relay state does not change. For instance:

If Taralist set the relay on at 8:10 am then you turn control over to computer at 8:11 the relay stays on until a computer control command is sent to the computer or control is returned to Taralist. When control is returned to Taralist the relay will be set to the status it believes the relay should be at for that current time.

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