Switch off sleep mode on sensors

Hello NCD,

I’d like to be able to view all sensors using a Xbee USB Adapter in X-CTU. I understand that by default the sensors will not show up because they sleep after transmitting.

Can I get clarification on how to switch off sleep mode so they show up in X-CTU? Does plugging in to a power adapter automatically disable sleep mode? If not, how do I program it to disable sleep mode?


do you have a USB modem ?

You might find the information in this video useful:

If you put the wireless sensors into configuration mode you can wirelessly discover them through your USB modem in X-CTU, but you also have to set the Network ID correctly on the USB modem to do this. That is all covered in the video.

Can you clarify what the USB modem is and where I can acquire one? I assume you’re not referring to the USB XBee Wireless Adapter. We only have sensors and one AWS Gateway.

you will need this board