Support for the Mirxr2x_kit


I have 2(pairs) of the Mirxr2x_Kit and they are marked with a number 1 on 1 pair and a number 2 on the other pair. (I have not tested)

So I am assuming that the Number 1 will not communicate with the number 2 . But my questions is if one of these board fail how do I now what to replace it with.

You mention software that I can run from my laptop and setup these boards with sometype of ID(Address) should I need to replace, where do I get that software and what all do I need to be able to service these boards?



The boards are paired and only communicate with their mating unit.

If a board fails it is covered under warranty so you can send the pair back to us and we will repair it for you.

There is no software for configuration or communicating with MirX devices. These boards are plug and play and have no configuration parameters, they just work.