Support for enterprise sensors in europe (868MHz)


I found your enterprise sensors and really like the idea that they don’t force me
to use locked down versions of gateways communicating with your own cloud.
This as my company have a our own cloud and also want to control the gateway.

But when i look into your solution it seems like there are no support for 868MHz,
i actually cannot find it on digi’s site as well. Is this the situation? or am i just bad
at searching?

Best regards
Fredrik Svensson

Hi Fredrik,
Most of our sensors support following frequencies

  1. 900Mhz
  2. 868Mhz
  3. 2.4Ghz
    For Europe we recommend 868Mhz. You can find the frequency options by clicking “buy now” on product page and it will take you the frequency options. over there you can choose the radio freq.


Hi bhaskar,

sry, should have tried a little harder. but when i have started,
do you have any shield for raspberry pi that should work or
is it the usb or ethernet gateway that i should buy?

My understanding is that i can control the sensor on the sensor side, is this correct?
should this be done with the ncd enterprise python library? i cannot find any other
resources. if there are documentation somewhere please point me in the right direction
and i will start to read :slight_smile:
We are looking for sensors that can trigger events based upon activities on the sensor
instead of streaming a lot of data to a gateway as that consumes a lot of battery.

We are furthermore building a wireless 4-20mA sensor application and we are planning to use

we would like to use it with a ESP32 board as our customer hasn’t decided if they want bluetooth
or wifi yet. do you have any esp32 computer modules that have been tested with the above board,
the wipy 3.0 works but i am not sure that micropythons rudimentary support for bt will suffice
and i would like to have options.

Your product looks good an i really hope that i can test them in a few new projects.

best regards

Hi Fedrik,
I will recommend USB modem

This will work Pi as well as with any PC or embedded computer.

Yes, we do have an ESP32 based module as well.

This works with all our IoT boards.

Let me know if you have any questions.