Support document for Industrial High-Current Monitor 2-Channel 100-600 Max Amps Wired Split Core Dual Interface


I am having Industrial High-Current Monitor 2-Channel 100-600 Max Amps Wired Split Core Dual Interface board and I am planning to get output from the I2C interface. I need information like which Channel is coupled with which I2C interface, What is the power input to be provided in the power jack, How to communicate with the I2C interface from the Master controller(i.e., How to frame the command), and what is the I2C address series for the 4-bit combination.
It would be more helpful if there any hardware support documents and command reference/ quick start guides. Please do the needful.



@ryan1 can you help with this

There are 2 I2C ports, both channels communicate to I2C port 1, the other I2C port is free for communications to other devices.
The power input is 12VDC.
Base Station is an essential resource to help get you started with the software. Please download and run this software, we have included the source code as well so you can see the construction of frames for communications. You can download from

@ryan1 Thank you. Regarding the I2C address series?

Hi @ryan1,

It looks interesting. I see that it is dual Xbee compatible. If so, then is it possible to communicate using raw data frames through XCTU tool? Based on the above discussion, I see one channel is for internal communication and other one is for communication to other devices. How to set up dual Xbees for that purpose?

Thanks in advance.

This controller can accept raw API frames from select XBee modules, but the protocol is somewhat complex. It does not work with all XBee modules. Most notably, it is only compatible with 900MHz S3B series modules. It’s far easier to use AT mode to communicate to this device. Use Base Station to configure the Xbee ports, use the “Device Configuration” button to make communication parameter changes. In addition, you can use this software to visualize current monitoring inputs. Base Station and source code can be found here:

There are 4 jumpers that are used to set the I2C address, I forget the start address ranges, I am sure @Anil_Bhaskar can remember them though. The start addresses are shown in Base Station software

i believe the default address is 0x32. you can run i2c scan to find out the address as well.

@Anil_Bhaskar Let me check the address using I2C scan as well. Thank you.