Subtle Difference in Current Receiver Products

OK, I got my sensor working wiring in the battery in series–then putting the NCD current monitor in configuration mode–which powered up my sensor and let me bluetooth into it. Tell me if I have this straight or correct me if I’m wrong.

-For the PR55-5A with external power options:
If I have a battery like a 12V, I need to wire it in series with my sensor AND connect it to the barrel plug wires on the PR55-5A. That will get me a Sensor and a current loop sensor powered by my battery pack, but somewhat independently.

-For the PR55-48 with external power supply options:
That will come with a barrel connector for me to connect up my 12V battery, but I can directly connect the 2 wires of my 4-20mA tank level gauge to the 2 signal wires on the PR55-48. This way, the PR55-48 will power my sensor directly. The switch inside will determine if it draws from the 4 AA batteries or the barrel connector. In this unit, but putting it into configuration mode, it will power-up my external sensor.

Yup you got it.
PR55-5A – passive 4-20mA
PR55-48 – Active 4-20mA

OK–Assuming I’ve got a PR55-48. I’m looking at the product manual here:

My device needs 15 seconds to warm up before the 4-20 mA reading stabilizes.
Do I need to change “Device Warm-Up Time” to be 15 sec? or something else?

Also, what is the default warm up time the device comes programmed with?

You are also out of stock on the Zigmo device needed to program it. Any chance I can get the order I just made programmed for 15 seconds just so I can get through my trial?

while placing order mention this
'set device warm up time to 15sec see bhaskar"
zigmo is in stock