Stupid Question Department: are 12v lugs bi-directional on current monitor board?

Hi all, probably a stupid question here, but I don’t want to break anything…

I’m packaging a device with a Pi3 and a 1 channel current monitor with I2C:

At Bhaksar’s excellent suggestion, I am running a single 12v power run to the enclosure and using a 12v to 5v transformer to be able to power the pi. I’m mounting a 5.5mm x 2.1 mm jack on the enclosure for the 12v power input.

Now here’s the question: Do I have to take the 12v from the panel-mounted jack to the barrel jack on the current monitor board, or can I take that and simply connect to the screw terminals (along with the leads from 12v/5v transformer) on the current monitor board? Not sure if there’s any kind of diode making this a ‘one way’ power connection or if it’s bi-directional so I can use it as power input.


You can directly connect to the screw terminal.
Make sure you follow the polarity marking on the board.


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Thanks, did it and, as you said, it works fine!