Stocking on Contact Closure IO board for immediate shipment?


I’m working on a project in the Bahamas, and part of the system we were supplied to act as a trigger for a piece of software running on a PC has decided to no longer work. As a result, I’m working on a tight deadline to find an alternative piece of hardware that can be flown in to Miami ASAP to be jumped over to the island I’m working on.

My system is taking in contact closure signal and sending that though to the PC. Originally the connection to the PC from the IO board was via serial over a DB9 terminated cable, but I’ve got the option to communicate via USB or ethernet. The MIRCC1_SERIAL would be a nearly drop in replacement, but it looks like it could take up to 5 days to prep before shipping.

Is there anything that is in stock now that could be shipped out that would work for this application?




This is one of the more simple boards and I believe we can have this ready to ship tomorrow. Production does place higher priority within reason to customers who choose overnight shipping options as its believed they are in a rush.

I can’t guarantee anything though. How many did you need and I can send an email to our production manager?