So Close - widgets not updating in palette

I’ve installed everything but I’m continually getting hung up on adding ncd-red-comm and ncd-red-wireless to the palette. This is a local windows install. I’ve gone through a few tutorials on running it locally but getting stuck.
They show as installed but they do not show the widgets:

Any help is appreciated.

The screenshot you are sharing there shows a warning symbol. Can you click that warning symbol to get more information? I have not seen this before so I can’t replicate it to get more information.

Thank you for viewing my thread. I was able to remove the pallet in order to attempt installing it. No I get an error when attempting install through the node red pallet management link.I’ve attached the log. When I search ncd-red-comm, nothing shows up at all. ss uploaded for that as well. Thanks again for helping me out with this.
2020-12-01T02_02_05_135Z-debug.log (123.9 KB)