Smoke Detector with relay contacts

I did a quick search and did not see any posts similar to my topic. What I am looking for is to recreate a small circuit-board that has a dry contact relay that detects smoke, I basically have a furnace room and a big attic fan which can pull smoke out of the room. Normally when we put wood in the firebox some smoke amount varies. I used to have a board and a relay that I thought I had bought on amazon but I cannot find it anymore. It got destroyed by damage this summer and its time to replace it.
It literally just triggered the relay when smoke was detected which sent a signal to my plc in the room and I ran a timed output. I would like to replace the device with something more open source like an esp or arduino but I am not really finding any general smoke detectors. My best guess for a fit would be something like the air quality sensor? Any advice for a hardware setup on the cheap that would fit the bill would be appreciated!! I even watched a couple you-tube videos about using an actual smoke detector but it was a bit in depth on the custom circuitry. It worked but it was reverse engineered from some detector I did not know the brand.