Signal Strength. Long Range Wireless Mesh

Is there any solutions in Node_Red to see the signal strength between the 900HP-S3B Long Range Wireless Mesh Modem and IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensors or any other sensor. Like to see the signal strength to optimize locations of sensors and modems. If there are no current solutions for Node_Red how would I see the signal strength?

Hi, I’m actually working on an update for the Node-Red package for these sensors, I should have it released today, and it will add an option to include the RSSI data with each sensor transmission. I’ll let you know when I roll out the new version!

I just rolled out an update to the package for these devices, in the update when you configure the serial device there is now an option to Add the RSSI to incoming packets:


With this option selected all incoming sensor data packets will have the RSSI added to the data object:


The RSSI is an integer and represents the -dBm value, so a 40 here indicates -40 dBm

Your the best! Great update!