Signal relays on XR81DPDT

Does anyone know if the relays that can come with the 1A version of XR81DPDT relay expander are signal relays? In the picture they show they are signal relays but are 3A so not sure if those are the same as the 1A version. Also does anyone know if the 1A relays would be rated for dry contact? We were planning on using them to switch some scope measurements but wanted to use the same family of ethernet relays cause of the expandability etc and have other higher current needs for other signals. If not would it be possible to swap out the relays on the board with something that would work better if we have to?

If the board is purchased with the 1 amp relay option then these relays will be installed in the board:

These relays have gold plated contacts so they have very low contact resistance making them ideal for switching signals.

Thanks for the info.