Setting up Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem with Node-RED

Hi everyone, first time NCD user here!

We are looking to set up the Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem with node-red in order to gather data from 40 T&H wireless enterprise sensors and from there export all data to a different system for collection and analysis (hopefully as .
My question is in regards to the initial set up of the modem. Will node-res with ncd libraries be capable to auto-discover the modem based on its UDP broadcast or we should set it up manually after discovering its IP given by DHCP following the instructions here?
Would you also recommend after finding the modem to set it up with a permanent IP?

FYI for the moment we do not have physical access to the NCD modem and sensors in order to do trials, hence we would like to do some preconfig prior to the expected installation.

Any additional tips for such a configuration?
Thank you.

node red lib does not have auto discovery feature yet. I will recommend using alpha station for UDP discovery and use web UI to setup the static Ip in the Ethernet module.
@jacob can you help with the static Ip setup.


Hi, what is the password?


default pwd is admin

It didn’t work, I tried before.
But I find the NCD5500 Configuration Software for Windows