Setting ProXR Send API Event configuration programatically

Hello, I’m trying to find some more information on how to configure a device like the: PL_USB_510 to send events when one of the AD8 states change. I see how make it work with Base Station, but I can’t find any documentation or examples that show to configure the device directly.

Really hoping that someone has some info that can help move my project along. Thanks!

Hi Matt,

This forum post seems to be talking about the same thing: ProXR & AD8 Relay Activator / Event Generator.

The breakdown as stated there is:
170 NCD API Frame: Header Byte
6 NCD API Frame: Number of Payload Bytes
171 Payload Byte 1: Spontaneous Event Generated by Controller
0 Payload Byte 2: E3C Device Number
1 Payload Byte 3: Data Source (1 = AD8 Inputs)
8 Payload Byte 4: Indicates the Status of the 8 Inputs
24 Payload Byte 5: Indicates Which Bits have Changed
0 Payload Byte 6: Status of Relay Bank 1
124 NCD API Frame: 8-Bit Checksum (Sum of all Payload Bytes Truncated to 8 Bits)

Hi Jacob, I had found that post, but I don’t think that’s exactly what I’m hoping to find. From what I understand that post is describing the message that gets pushed. What I’m trying to figure out is how do I enable the push notification without using the base station software.

Unfortunately configuring the AD8 Event Generator settings is not documented. The only way to get that information would be to reformat the commands being sent from Base Station using a packet sniffer or Base Station’s source code:

It was not intended to be done on the fly.

Ok that’s not exactly the answer I was hoping for, but I’m also not surprised by it. I was attempting to save a little time and not do any sniffing around or digging through the source.
Anyway, thanks for the response!