Sensor transmission interval


NCD sensor is transmitting data in an interval of around 12 minutes, but we need data fast and need to change the transmission interval to seconds, please suggest how to achieve it. I am using PR52-Industrial IoT Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor and PR55-17B Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem.

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I will recommend using alpha station

Hello Bhaskar,

Can you please explian how to connect to the sensors with Alpha Station? I have an IoT Edge Computer (PR55-36) and no other way to talk to the sensors (no zigbee modules). What’s the best way to change configuration on the NCD Sensors if they are zigbee?

alpha station does not work with edge computer. i will recommend node red.

Bhaskar, I’m using Node-Red. However, I don’t know how to configure the sensors using this method? Is there any way to do this?