Sensor / modem placement

I purchased a Mega Modem (PR55-21A_MEGA) and a Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor (PR49-24A) to evaluate for use indoors in a house.

I have been having a really hard time getting the modem to reliable receive data from the sensor and I am wondering if there is any documentation anywhere about how best to place your sensor relative to the modem. Should one be higher than the other? Do the antennas need to be oriented in a specific way? I wasn’t able to find anything on your site.

Last night I had the sensor 10-12 feet away in direct line of sight to the modem and the modem never saw it. I moved the modem to be lower, roughly 6 feet to the left and with a chair + monitor in the way and then suddenly worked. I tried resetting both modem and sensor multiple times with no luck. The most bizarre aspect of this is that at one point I had the sensor 50ish feet away and behind at least 4 walls and it worked perfectly.

Hi Nathan,
If the sensor and modem are too close they wont work. The radios are extremely powerful. but it should work fine at 10 feet and above.

Inside the modem there is a u.fl pigtail antenna connector. can you check and make sure its connected properly.


I checked all connections and everything is good.

It’s really odd that a few feet right or left would cause things to work or not. I put the sensor and the modem down a hallway from each other and still had issues.

was the sensor power setting changed through cfg mode ?

swap the antenna between sensor and modem.

We never seen anything like this in past so would recommend sending it back for further testing.