Sensor messages not being sent by Azure Gateway?

I have completed the setup of an NCD Azure Micro Gateway (PR55-21_AZURE) and the NCD Temerature/Humidity Sensor (PR52-33A) with MS Azure. I can see that there is communication between the gateway and Azure, via the IoT Hub dashboard.

I do not seem to be able to see the messages sent by the temperature sensor. What do I need to navigate to see them? The Device to Cloud Messages graph shows activity, but when I view the logs, the only messages I see are “Get all IotHub Keys”. So far, the only way I can see the temperature information is by viewing the Device Twin’s JSON.

I was expecting there would be messages like “Latest Temperature Sensor Reading”. Shouldn’t the gateway be “forwarding” each message it receives from the sensor up to Azure? How do I view these messages?

Thank you for any insights.

Here’s a screenshot of the main activity log.

is the sensor powered on ?

Yes, it is. I can also see that the gateway, in the “device twin” information, shows the node for the sensor and its temperature/humidity, etc.

Here’s an update. When I run the azure cli command to monitor events (az iot hub monitor-events -nCo-Lab-Demo) I do get some output. Seems I can see an “event” message that looks like this:

    "event": {
        "origin": "NCD-Gateway-Co-Lab-01",
        "module": "",
        "interface": "",
        "component": "",
        "payload": "{\"nodes\":{\"SNXXX\":{\"transmission_count\":206,\"battery_level\":3.29406,\"type\":1,\"node_id\":0,\"rssi\":100,\"humidity\":23.13,\"temperature\":23.56}}}"

This is great… so events are coming into my IoT Hub. But, how the heck do I see these events in the Azure IoT Hub dashboard / web interface ? I have clicked on everything haha.

Azure IoT Hub is just a glorified MQTT broker. It really does not give you a nice pretty dashboard to view data from sensors. You need to use/pay for other Azure services to view graphs of the data.

You can also view the data from the sensors by opening the IoT Devices list in IoT Hub, then click on the Gateway listed there that you created, then click on Device Twin, there you will see a JSON document where the sensor data is reported. It’s a little more visual but not much.

It’s our goal to get your sensor data to Azure, but once it’s there that is between you and Azure how you want to log/graph/consume it.

Ahh, I see. Thanks @TravisE_NCD_Technica . It’s surprising that the bare-bones IoT Hub doesn’t at least give me the ability to see the messages coming into the broker!

I have some direction now, thank you.

I 100% agree. Seems like they should have some sort of interface for the data but they just don’t. None of the big company cloud solutions do.

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